What’s the difference between SnapMail and SnapMail Emergency?

In short, the basic SnapMail app is free to download, whereas SnapMail Emergency is the premium, or paid-for, version of SnapMail.

The reason people pay the small monthly fee for SnapMail Emergency is because it includes a very valuable extra feature which is not on the free version of the app.

With the free version of SnapMail, users can take a photo using the app, e-mail it to themselves and upload it to the SnapMail website with a single click. The photo will have a time and date stamp, as well as a geo-location description of precisely where the photo was taken. This is a powerful service and anyone can avail of it for free. There is no obligation to upgrade to SnapMail Emergency.

Users of SnapMail can upgrade to SnapMail Emergency any time they want by clicking the upgrade option contained in the app. SnapMail Emergency contains all of the features of the basic free app, but it also offers a very clever ‘Alert’ system for people in vulnerable situations.

When you take a photo when you are a subscriber to SnapMail Emergency you will be sent an e-mail which contains a ‘Check-up’ link. The purpose of this ‘Check-up’ link is to check if you are ok and you have 5 minutes to click this link in the e-mail. If you click this link then clearly you are confirming that you are ok and nothing happens after that.

However, if you fail to click this ‘Check-up’ link within 5 minutes, SnapMail Emergency will automatically send an SOS e-mail and an SOS text message to 5 of your friends, notifying them to contact you immediately. This is an extremely valuable early warning system.

Download SnapMail now for free by clicking here and give some thought to upgrading to SnapMail Emergency when you have familiarised yourself with how it works. It could save your life!

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