What features of SnapMail should I know about?

The SnapMail mobile phone app has a number of clever features that you should be aware of:

1. Time and Date Stamp
Every photo that you take is automatically stamped at the time and date on which it was taken. The e-mail immediately sent to you which contains the link to the photo is further evidence of the time at which the photo was taken. The photo which is saved in your private SnapMail account also displays the time at which the photo was taken. This could be very useful evidence for solving a crime.

2. GPS Location
Every SnapMail photo also contains a precise GPS location of where the photo was taken. This information is presented beside every photo in your private SnapMail website account. This also could be very useful evidence for solving a crime as it places a criminal at the precise location of the crime. You can’t have an alibi when you’ve just been SnapMailed!

3. Multi-Photos
When you click the big yellow ‘Take SnapMail Photo’ button once it doesn’t just take one photograph. For the 10 seconds after you click this button it actually takes 5 photos so be sure to continue moving your camera-phone to ensure you get the best photos. In the event that you drop the phone or if it is snatched from your hand during this 10 second interval any photos taken at the beginning will still be recorded.

4. Photos preserved for 30 Days
SnapMail photos may only be deleted from your private website account after 30 days. This is to protect you in case someone attempts to force you to delete photos against your will.

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