SnapMail as a Rape Prevention tool

Rape prevention techniques have been taught to young women all over the world for centuries. But how many of these techniques today take advantage of recent technological developments which could play a key role in reducing the unacceptably high levels of rape in every country in the world?

In the vast majority of rape situations a woman is alone and physically inferior to her attacker. Therefore, a rape prevention solution which requires brain instead of brawn is required.

Most women carry a mobile phone these days. In many rape situations there would be a few seconds to take a quick photo of the attacker but what’s the point in doing that if all the attacker has to do is take the phone and destroy it?

What is there was a mobile phone app which preserved the photo of the rapist even if he destroyed the phone after a photo was taken? Well, that’s exactly what the SnapMail app does.

With a single click, it takes a photo of the attacker, sends it to the user by e-mail and also saves it on the SnapMail website for later access. The major benefit of this as a rape prevention tool is that even if the attacker steals or destroys the phone, there is nothing he can do to prevent his photo being available later.

As a rape prevention tool this is very powerful. Even the dumbest of rapists would think twice if he knew his photo was going to be available after committing the crime.

What makes SnapMail even more powerful is that all photos have a time stamp and a date stamp, as well as a GPS location stamp showing exactly where and when the photo was taken. You can’t have an alibi when you’ve just been SnapMailed!

SnapMail is free to download and is available in both the App Store and Google Play.

Of course it won’t work in every situation, especially when a woman is ‘jumped’ and has no time to act, but in situations where a woman has even 5 seconds to press one button on her mobile phone it will act as a strong deterrent.

Please share this article with as many people as possible. If it even prevents a single rate it will have been worth it. Rape Prevention is a responsibility for all of us.

SnapMail prevents rape by your mini-cab driver

As crimes go, rape is one of the most despicable and cowardly. Victims rarely, if ever, get over the trauma of the crime and very often the perpetrator is not brought to justice due to the difficulty in proving the crime.

Very often, the victim has to go through the second turmoil of testifying in court with the associated trauma of coming face-to-face with the rapist.

A mini-cab driver was jailed for 10 years in London today for raping a passenger he collected in Leicester Square.  You can read more about this horrendous attack in this article in the Daily Mail.

As you can see from the article, the lady was put into the mini-cab by a well-meaning friend who wanted to ensure she got home safely.  If either of the ladies had snap-mailed the driver of the mini-cab and informed him that his photograph was sitting on the SnapMail server it is almost certain that this rape could have been prevented.

SnapMail is a free mobile phone app which allows the User take a photograph and send it by e-mail with just one click.  It is available on both Android and iOS.

It is most likely that you will never find yourself in a situation where you need to rely on an app like SnapMail but if you ever do you will be very glad you had downloaded it. Never give a criminal an even break.

Download SnapMail by clicking here.

SnapMail – it could prevent a rape and save your life!