When would you use the free SnapMail app to protect yourself?

The free SnapMail app can be used in a wide variety of occasions when people find themselves threatened or in a vulnerable situation.

Where SnapMail really scores is that it gives an instant warning message to a criminal that if they commit a crime Рsuch as assault, robbery, rape or murder Рtheir photo has been captured, even if they take your telephone.  It would a huge deterrent to even the most reckless of criminals when they know they are caught even before they start!

If you think about it, who would really commit a crime if they knew a photo of their face and clothes had been taken at a particular time and at a specific location? Many criminals are dumb but they are not so dumb as to effectively demonstrate their guilt by being caught red-handed, or red-faced, to be more accurate.

Some good examples of when SnapMail would come in very handy include situations where someone is living alone and needs to answer the door to a stranger, or if someone was travelling alone and found themselves in a vulnerable situation, or even someone going to meet a stranger to collect something they have purchased online. Basically, in any situation where a person finds themselves exposed or at risk is when they should have the app downloaded to their phone. You may never use it but you’ll be very glad you have it if you ever find yourself in a nasty situation.

The SnapMail app is free and simple to use.  Everyone should download it and have it on their mobile phone.

It could save your life!