Rapists – a kick from Chloe or a SnapMail photo?

If you haven’t heard of Chloe Bruce before, here is a fact for you to consider: in 2010, she set the Guinness World Record for most kicks in 1 minute with 212. She has been doing martial arts since she was 8 years old and has been called “the most dangerous woman alive”.

You can watch Chloe in action by clicking here.

It’s clear to see that Chloe would be well able to look after herself if she was ever targeted for a robbery, assault or rape.

But what about the rest of us who couldn’t kick our way out of a wet paper bag? What can we do to protect ourselves from a mugger, thief or rapist? Well, thankfully we have SnapMail and SnapMail Emergency. The mobile phone app won’t pack as big as punch as Chloe Bruce, but then it doesn’t need to! All it needs to do is make the attacker stop and think “I’m in big trouble if I do anything here because no matter what I do someone will have my photo. And the photo will be time-stamped and show the location.”

So, while a kick in the face (or worse!) from Chloe might cause some short term damage, it’s nothing to the pain a SnapMail photo will cause.

Download the free SnapMail app today by clicking here – it could save your life.

You can upgrade to SnapMail Emergency any time to wish, and can do so after you have have downloaded the basic SnapMail version.