How much does SnapMail Emergency mobile phone app cost?

As you all know, the basic (but awesome!) version of the SnapMail app is FREE to download in both the App Store and on Google Play.

This free version allows you to take a photo of an attacker, e-mail it to yourself and store it in your private SnapMail website account, all with just ONE single click. As a tool to prevent an attack or as evidence if an attack is committed, this app is very powerful (even if we do say so ourselves!). Watch a Beginners Guide to SnapMail here.

Users of the free version of the app can upgrade to SnapMail Emergency (i.e. the paid version) any time they want. To upgrade to this premium version you just make an ‘in-app’ purchase after you have downloaded the free version of SnapMail. In other words, you don’t need to download a second app because SnapMail Emergency is simply an upgraded version of the free app.

Remember, with SnapMail Emergency, the app will send an SOS text and e-mail message to 5 of your Friends notifying them that you are in trouble, as well as having all of the other features of the free app.

So, how much does this SnapMail Emergency service cost?
1 month: $2.99
3 months: $7.99
6 months: $14.99
12 months: $24.99

Download the free version of the SnapMail app by clicking here and upgrade to SnapMail Emergency any time you wish. (You can cancel your subscription to the paid version and return to the free version any time you wish.)

SnapMail – it could save your life!

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