Snap Mail App – The free mobile phone app that could save your life. Click here to download it now.

The SnapMail app is a free mobile phone app which offers fantastic protection for people in a vulnerable situation. ¬†With a single click on the ‘Take SnapMail Photo’ button when the app is open, the user sends an e-mail of the photo they take to their registered e-mail address, as well as uploading the photo to their own private account on the SnapMail website. ¬† This can act as a powerful deterrent to someone committing a crime against the SnapMail member.

By having a photo record of a criminal committing a crime, the SnapMail app also acts as a great way to solve a crime, such as assault, robbery, stalking, kidnap, rape or murder.

A paid version of the app called SnapMail Emergency is also available and has the added feature of notifying your friends or relatives by text and e-mail if you fail to respond to a SnapMail e-mail confirming that you are ok.

Download the SnapMail app today – it could save your life!

Benefits of the SnapMail App

  • It prevents serious crimes being committed
  • It records vital evidence of a crime
  • It quickly notifies a friend when you’re in trouble
“As a Real Estate Agent in London I meet strangers every day at locations where I am exposed to potentially life-threatening situations. I always take a quick and discrete SnapMail photo of the person I’m meeting and feel very secure after that.”
Rachel Chandler
“I’m a taxi driver in Miami, Florida. I work late on Friday and Saturday nights and my wife worries about some of the passengers I pick up. When I find myself in a threatened situation a quick click of my SnapMail app reduces the likelihood of attack or robbery.”
Gavin Long

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